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BeschreibungOwntracks Geo Location for LoxBerry supporting Smartphone Apps for iOS as well as Android. Prerequisite is the MQTT Plugin to pass data to Loxone Miniserver
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Basic Info Owntracks

OwnTracks is an Open Source project which provides an iOS and an Android app with which your smartphone records its current location. Whether you want your young child to know where you currently are, or you want to keep track of where you spent your last vacation, or you and a group of friends want to see each other on a map, OwnTracks does that. It consists of an app which runs on your smart phone, and which periodically, publishes a small chunk of data which other OwnTracks users you authorize may see. It also support ibeacon tracking on iOS devices only) and bring other added value to Miniserver. Using Owntracks you can set-up an presence detection as well as other stuff.

Download the Apps:

The App's are sending data whether using MQTT or HTTP to the receiver. The Plugin is designed to work only using MQTT mode. In addition the MQTT LoxBerry Pluginis required to be installed to get the data finally into Loxone.

Basically you use the App's to trigger an "enter/leave" event, as many of those GeoLocation Apps can. In addition to that Owntracks deliver quit a lot more of data which could be usefull for your Smart Home like. Batteriestatus of each device, ground speed in case you have an "enter" event and theoratically you can track all your (and other) movements during the day.

There is a Booklet covering tons of details how to set-up the App, your loacations and how owntracks works. Personally i can't support how to use/set-up the App in your environment.


  1. DnyDNS or static or local IP-Address (DynDNS recommended for security reasons) available This may change in the future to use to TLS.
  2. configure Portwording rule for TCP-Port 1883 to xxxx(x) in your Router
  3. installed MQTT Plugin
  4. installed Smartphone App


open Plugin post installation and you have all Info required. In addition there is a tab to get the command recognition to be used for Loxone, as well as a direct link to MQTT. In case you have weather4lox Plugin installed your location data will be parsed in, if not a google map tab appears to identify your location data.

After saving your config create a user specific App configuration file and pass it to corresponding User. Once User has completed the set-up on his Smartphone you should see incoming traffic either in Plugin Monitor or in MQTT Plugin 

Basic Setup of MQTT Plugin

for setting up Owntracks you need to have a LoxBerry with appropriate Plugin installed. How to do that and do how-to do the basic configuration please visit the support Wiki page here: MQTT Gateway There are detailed instructions how to do.

The Plugin installation contains automatically the subscriptions and conversions, so no need to take action on MQTT

Setup Owntracks in iOS

Setup for MQTT Interface

  1. open App configuration file (press button at the top right corner) 
  2. select Owntracks to be installed
  3. Owntracks confirmation
  4. your location
  5. check settings and connect status
  6. check imported settings
  7. test data transfer by clicking on Publish waypoints


Now you should open Owntracks Plugin and check either in "Monitor / Command Recognition" tab or in your MQTT Plugin and there "Incoming overview" or "Logfiles" if you have received data

Setup for HTTP Interface

Currently the HTTP Interface is not supported, it requires a script for further processing.

Setup Owntracks in Android

Due to missing hardware i can't support Android devices

(to be added by User)

User 1a624 will provide this within the next few days

Set-up Owntracks in Loxone

(to be added by User)

Mode "Send data via UDP"

if you have selected "Send data via UDP" you have to add a virtual UDP input to your config and enter the MQTT Plugin Port (default is 11883)

adding virtual UDP input command and the comand recognition:

the basic command recogniation is always "owntracks/loxberry/<DeviceID>/" followed by the type of data you would like to have.

Differences between iOS/Android

Depending on used Hardware and Interface there are differences in the data layout/set which been send to Loxone. Those can be found here very detailed splitted by message payloads (Types) 

Data Types

OwnTracks publishes its message payloads in JSON format. The different payload types are identified by a _type element. Depending on the app platform, different payload types are supported.

_type iOS Android
beacon Y N
card Y Y
cmd Y Y
configuration Y Y
encrypted Y Y
location Y Y
lwt Y Y
steps Y N
transition Y Y
waypoint Y Y
waypoints Y Y


following data could be used for entry/leave events:

command description MQTT conversion required unit Apple Android
cog Course over ground degree X
batt Device battery level percent X X
lon longitude meters X X
acc Accuracy of the reported location in meters without unit meters X X
p barometric pressure kPa X
vel velocity km/h X
vac vertical accuracy of the alt element meters X
lat latitude meters X X
t p ping issued randomly by background task Yes X X
c circular region enter/leave event Yes X X
b beacon region enter/leave event Yes X
r response to a reportLocation cmd message Yes X X
u manual publish requested by the user Yes X X
t timer based publish in move move Yes X
v updated by Settings/Privacy/Locations Services/System Services/Frequent Locations monitoring X
conn Internet connectivity status (route to host) when the message is created
w phone is connected to a WiFi connection Yes X X
o phone is offline Yes X X
m mobile data Yes X X
tst UNIX epoch timestamp in seconds of the location fix epoch X X
alt Altitude measured above sea level meters X X
tid Tracker ID used to display the initials of a user string X X
enter enter/leave region Yes string X X


introducing from v0.3.0 onwards the Plugin contains a real Tracking/monitoring feature. All data from Users are captured in a database and visualized with either OpenStreetMap or Google Maps (require a Google Maps API key). 


  • add-on for Live Tracking of Geo Locations → done