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Notification tips and tricks

Do's and don'ts

Notification don'ts

What you really should avoid:

  • Notifications also are sent by email. DON'T SPAM YOUR USERS!
  • Do not set notifications FROM the UI TO the UI. For example: If the user is in the webinterface and presses a button (SUBMIT) and is waiting for a response, the response should be shown in your plugin and not trigger a notification that implicitely is shown.
  • If you have a script that works both interactive and in cron/daemon mode, make this script recognizing if it was called interactively, and suppress any notifications in interactive mode.
  • Do not write HTML code to your notification $message. HTML code is not executed but shown in your notification.
  • Do not append incredible long texts, like a logfile, to the notification. Use the LOGFILE parameter of notify_ext instead.

Notification do's

  • As $package and $name may not be shown, write something about your plugin (e.g. the plugin title) into the message.
  • If needed, use \n as linebreak. It will be converted to <br> if it is shown in any HTML functions.
  • Try to use multilingual texts in the $message. Use LoxBerry's readlanguage function to first parse your language file, and then send the language variables to notify instead of hardcoded text.