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LoxBerry Update Failure ("Try 5: Checking file size of download...")


  • Your LoxBerry version is below 1.2.4
  • Opening the LoxBerry Update widget, after pressing the "Install" button, the message "Please wait…" does not disappear and is hanging.
  • In the "LoxBerry Update Check" logfiles, an abort of the check is listed with the messages shown below.

INFO: 14:48:53 Try 3: Checking file size of download...
INFO: 14:48:54 Returned file size:
INFO: 14:48:54 Try 4: Checking file size of download...
INFO: 14:48:55 Returned file size:
INFO: 14:48:55 Try 5: Checking file size of download...
INFO: 14:48:56 Returned file size:
CRITICAL: 14:48:56 Error downloading file.

Reason and solution

The website, where the LoxBerry Updates directly come from, seems to stop to respond to a standard request to aquire the filesize. We used that information to compare it with the later downloaded update file.

Because of this, users cannot update to V1.2.4 or above.

We have created a LoxBerry Update FIX plugin, that one-shot replaces the installation routine:

→ Plugin "LoxBerry Update FIX"

Install this download in the Plugin Management widget like a plugin. This solves the error on updating. After you have updated LoxBerry, you can savely uninstall the plugin.

With V1.2.4 we have removed this check and now trust on the integration check of the unzipping process. Therefore, from V1.2.4 the LoxBerry Update feature works as usual.