plugins_state.json - Monitor plugin installations, updates, uninstalls

LoxBerry Compatibility

This feature is available starting with LoxBerry 2.0. Set your MINLB version in your plugin.cfg.

If you need to monitor if any plugin is installed, updated or uninstalled from within your plugin, you should not permanently read the plugindatabase.json file from sd card.

Instead, read the following file from ram disk, that LoxBerry automatically updates on install, update and uninstall of a plugin:

Location of plugins_state.json

Default installation /opt/loxberry/log/system_tmpfs/plugins_state.json
Using LoxBerry::System $lbstmpfslogdir/plugins_state.json ($lbstmpfslogdir is a global variable)
Using loxberry_system.phpLBSTMPFSLOGDIR/plugins_state.json (LBSTMPFSLOGDIR is a global constant)
Using other languages Read the OS environment variable $LBSTMPFSLOG


As the file is very small and stored on the ramdisk, it has little impact to check the file and content.

Only installation, update and uninstall is tracked. Changes of e.g. the loglevel is not tracked.

  • As the file is stored on ramdisk, after a reboot the file might not exist → Handle this in your code
  • Any key might not exist if that event never happened → Handle this in your code
  • All attributes store an Unix epoch timestamp.
Attribute Description
db_updated Epoch of the last happened event. It updates on any install, update, uninstall
last_plugin_install Epoch when a plugin was newly installed. The timestamp is not updated on an update.
last_plugin_update Epoch when a plugin was last updated. The timestamp is not updated on a new installation.
last_plugin_uninstallEpoch when a plugin was uninstalled.

Keep in mind, that the file itself, or any of the attributes, may not exist.


   "db_updated" : 1568578574,
   "last_plugin_install" : 1568577574,
   "last_plugin_uninstall" : 1568578574,
   "last_plugin_update" : 1568578484