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Widget Mail Server

LoxBerry and it's plugins can send emails for information and error notifications.


LoxBerry requests the SecurePIN to protect your mail credentials.

Mail Settings

Check the Enable the mail feature to use email notifications. Disabling will delete all credentials from LoxBerry.

The Default email address is used for both sender and receiver of the email.

Set the SMTP server and Port number of your mailserver. Nowadays, encryped (TLS) with Authentication (SMTP Auth) is standard on most servers. The SMTP username and SMTP password are used to authenticate against your mailserver. It may be required on your mailserver to allow sending emails.

With the Send Testmail button a test mail is sent, and all communication to your mailserver is shown.

Mail Notifications

LoxBerry has a notification feature that allows the system and plugins to send notifications. Enable or disable the Infos and Errors buttons to disable forwarding this notifications by email.

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