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Widget My LoxBerry

The My LoxBerry widget let you configure basic LoxBerry settings and shows system information about the operating system.


Select your language: All shipped languages are shown. You can translate LoxBerry to your native language with the Translate widget! Send your language file to christian [at] loxberry [dot] de and we will integrate it with the next release.

Select your country: Select your country. The list is sorted by 2-letter country code, mostly this is the top-level domain code (at, de,…) of your country. Plugins may use this setting to show country-specific information. The setting is optional.

Give your LoxBerry a Name: This name is shown in the window title and in the header, to faster identify the specific LoxBerry (if you have multiple LoxBerrys in your home). It is not used as hostname, therefore you can use whatever you like.

How many LoxBerrys are out there? LoxBerry generates an anonymous key, that is securely sent to to count all installed LoxBerrys, installed plugins and it's version numbers. It is not possible to get back from the key to you or your LoxBerry. There is no 'open gate' to your LoxBerry. Disabling the checkbox turns off these statistic data. See the current statistics.


System Information

This is a detailed overview about your LoxBerry. It lists core information, details about memory usage, connected network and usb devices, and disks/volumes mounted by the operating system.

For support, you may get asked to send this summary to a LoxBerry Core or LoxBerry Plugin developer.

Further information