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Widget Updates

Configure how LoxBerry should update itself, and Linux base packages.

LoxBerry Update

The yellow version box shows your current version, and the available release/pre-release version. It depends on your setting of Release, Pre-Release or Latest Commit.

Install automatically will install a new version in the background. If a reboot is required, LoxBerry will notify you. LoxBerry Update never triggers a reboot by itself. Notify about a new release will check for updates and notify you. If demanded, you also can Disable LoxBerry Update. To get notifications by email, configure your mail settings in the Mailserver widget.

Automatic Security Updates

By default, LoxBerry automatically installs security updates for the underlying Linux packages. It does not update all packages, but only security fixes. LoxBerry will reboot automatically, if it is requested by a package.

LoxBerry Update History

Shows installation logs of previous updates.

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