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Widget Remote Support


This feature was removed in LoxBerry V3.0. Please use Teamviewer or AnyDesk or any similar software.

The widget Remote Support offers an optional, timely restricted remote connection to your LoxBerry for LoxBerry-Core and Plugin developers. After your approval, the beneficiary have the ability to connect to your LoxBerry by SSH or webbrowser, and also to your Miniserver and router, to support you on troubleshooting.

All systems still stay secured by user/password credentials, meaning you have to give them to the developer before he is able to connect at all.

We focussed on security while implementing this new feature. We use a strong SSL connection (OpenVPN) and all other computers are shielded by a firewall (iptables), so no other connections are possible. If you forget to close the connection after a session, the SSL keys get invalid after three days.

The widget should replace the often used TeamViewer sessions, because these sessions require a connection through a Windows system, which may contain private data.

Plugin developers: To aquire a "Supporter access" please contact Michael Schlenstedt. Explicitely Plugin developers with active plugin development and direct communication channel (WhatsApp group) are able to obtain this trust level, for security reasons.

Request a Support Key at a LoxBerry-Core or Plugin developer. 

After you have entered the support key, a yellow box with the current connection state appears. Click the Connect button, and the Status should change to Online. Now, the supporter can access your LoxBerry via SSH and webbrowser.

You always can Disconnect to close the connection. It is not possible to open a connection from outside.

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