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Widget Netshares

LoxBerry is able to mount SMB (Windows) shares directly from the user interface. Follow these instructions:

Add new server to configure the server and credentials. Configure the IP address or hostname is the name of the server, and Username and Password of a user, that has access to your shares. You only can add one user per server.

After adding the server, LoxBerry will try to access this server and lists all shares. In the Status column of the list, you can check if the share is writeable or read-only. The Browse button on the right will open the share in LoxBerry's Filemanager.

To check, which servers are already configured, open the Select… dropdown. It will show the server and usernames. After selecting a server, you can use the Remove server button (there is no Edit possibility, simply remove and re-add).

If your shares are not visible or identified as read-only, try the Create Debuglog button to get system informations about your shares.

All network shares are mounted to /opt/loxberry/system/storage/ smb/servername/sharename. Supporting plugins directly allow to select a network share without entering the full path.

Further information

  • LoxBerry currently only supports SMB (old name: CIFS), that is the Windows filesharing system. On a Linux server, use Samba to provide SMB shares.
  • For other systems like NFS, please google an example to mount the share in your /etc/fstab.
  • For security reasons, LoxBerry only supports SMB protocol version 2.1 / 3.0 (and above). If your share (e.g. a NAS) only supports SMB 1.0, edit your /etc/auto.smb with the option proto=1.0 (see this thread)