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Widget Reboot / Power

Use Reboot to restart your LoxBerry. This may take a while - the appearing progress bar is shown until your LoxBerry is available again.

Use Shutdown to shut down your LoxBerry. To re-enable it, an original Raspberry needs to be plugged off and on.

On the top, you may get informed about changes that require a restart of your LoxBerry. LoxBerry itself never triggers an automatic restart, with the exception of important Linux security updates that require a reboot. If a LoxBerry task, like LoxBerry Update, or a plugin installation, is running in the background, you may be prevented to reboot or shutdown. Please wait until the installation has finished.

Further information

If LoxBerry or a plugin requests a reboot, this is shown on top of the page: 

A reboot request is also always shown in the footer bar with a red exclamation mark. 

A reboot request is part of LoxBerry's Healthcheck. If a reboot is pending, this is reported as an error, as a LoxBerry Update, an automatic plugin installation or update, or a changed system setting needs a reboot to apply.