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Widget USB Storages

This widget shows connected USB storage devices. It has no options, as LoxBerry automatically mounts these devices. In the overview, you can check the device names, size and file system type. The overview automatically checks if the device is readable, or read-only.


It is possible to format a whole device or just a partition with Linux' filesystem "Ext4". This filesystem is natively supported by Linux (LoxBerry) and therefore is very stable and fast. While Linux (LoxBerry) also supports Windows filesystems like extFAT and NTFS, these filesystems are supported by kernel drivers which were reverse engineered because the source code isn't open source. This is why they are not as stable as Linux' own filesystems. If you do not need to share your device with Windows, you should consider to format your device/partition with Ext4. Especcially if there are much read/write requests (e. g. when using Stats4Lox Plugin), usage of Ext4 is mandatory. Do not use Windows filesystems in this case.

Create Debuglog

If LoxBerry cannot detect your device, or you have problems accessing the device, press the Create Debuglog button. LoxBerry will dump system information about the USB devices to a logfile. Check this logfile, or submit the result in in the LoxBerry section.

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