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MQTT (“Message Queuing Telemetry Transport”) is a lightweight data transfer protocol to submit and receive data (“messages”). An MQTT infrastructure requires a central hub, the MQTT Server (formerly known as "broker"), that handles data transfer between all devices and clients.

LoxBerry acts as such an MQTT Server and furthermore as an MQTT Gateway to transfer data to and from the Miniserver.

Beside of devices and other software, also many LoxBerry plugins make use or even depend on MQTT data transfer. Therefore, LoxBerry automatically configures the MQTT Server with default settings.

MQTT Basics

On this page it is possible to view and configure the MQTT Server settings.

Plugins that are using MQTT will get their configuration from this page.

The default setting is to let LoxBerry configure and manage the locally installed MQTT Server. MQTT user, password and port are predefined.

If you have an own MQTT Server, or have multiple LoxBerry’s, you can change the setting to “Use custom MQTT Server and manage Server myself”. In this case, the local MQTT Server is disabled, and you need to configure the connection details to your own MQTT Server or the other LoxBerry.

In both cases, locally installed plugins using MQTT will use the configured settings of this page.

MQTT Gateway

The MQTT Gateway functionality acts as a gateway for MQTT messages from MQTT to Miniserver(s) and Miniserver(s) to MQTT. The MQTT Gateway transfers incoming MQTT messages to the Miniserver via HTTP (Virtual Inputs) and/or UDP (Virtual UDP Input Commands). To send messages from the Miniserver to MQTT (e.g. to control a device or plugin), you can create UDP Virtual Output Commands on your Miniserver to send data to the MQTT Gateway, that forwards these to the MQTT Server.

The MQTT Gateway uses the MQTT Server settings from the MQTT Basics configuration page.

For detailed configuration and how to set up communication between LoxBerry and your Miniservers, please read the following articles:

MQTT Finder

The MQTT Finder is a tool to monitor and search all data that are managed by the MQTT Server. In contrast to the MQTT Gateway “Incoming Overview” (that only shows data transferred to the Miniserver) the MQTT Finder shows all MQTT messages on the MQTT Server. MQTT Finder is independent to the MQTT Gateway functionality.

Use the search to find specific topics and data.

Use the checkbox “Use Subscription syntax for filter” allows you to use the subscription syntax (using topics, + and #) to find your data.

For more information, see the developers infomation: MQTT Finder

Log Files

The Log Files tab shows all logs of the MQTT Server, MQTT Gateway and MQTT Finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the FAQ section for help.