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Widget Miniserver

LoxBerry allows to add one or more Miniservers. Plugins will use this information to communicate with your Miniservers.

Add Miniserver will add another block for a new Miniserver, Delete Miniserver will delete the last Miniserver in the list. Search for Miniserver will add the first Miniserver found into the first Miniserver entry. You still have to configure the credentials.

After you have configured the credentials, you should Check Miniserver authentication. Some plugins requires an Administrator user to work properly. For every Miniserver, you can open it's webinterface (Loxone Web App), and also the Miniserver Logfile.

Use Loxone Cloud DNS should only be used, when the Miniserver is not in your local network. Configure the MAC address of your Miniserver, and LoxBerry will query it's current ip from Loxone on demand. We recommend to not open your Miniserver to the internet, but instead use a VPN.

By enabling Prefer HTTPS (SSL/TLS) LoxBerry and plugins get commended to use the encrypted https protocol instead of unencrypted http. You also have to define the https port, on local installations usually 443.

For https, please consider:

  • Miniserver Gen.1 does not support https. Connection will fail.
  • Plugins are asked to use https, but these plugins require to support https! If the plugin does not support https, it furthermore will use http. There is no guarantee that only https is used.
  • Other protocols like TCP and UDP stay unencrypted as of the design of these protocols.

Further information

  • Pressing "Save" triggers no authentication check against the Miniserver. Use the "Check Miniserver authentication" button to test the access to the Miniserver before saving.
  • Changing the Miniserver settings/credentials after plugins are already running, may require to restart the plugins or, depending on the plugin, even a restart of LoxBerry.
  • LoxBerry supports special characters and umlauts, but older plugins may have problems with umlauts. We recommend to create an own loxberry user in your Miniserver (add it to the Administrators group), with a secure, long password, but without special characters. 
  • Checking the configured Miniservers is part of LoxBerry's Healthcheck. If no Miniserver is configured, or Miniserver configuration is not complete, it will generate a warning. If the Healthcheck cannot access your Miniserver with it's hostname/ip, or it cannot authenticate with the configured credentials, it will generate an error.