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Widget Plugin Management


You can copy an url to the url field, or upload a plugin zip archive to install or update a plugin. First installation and update of an already installed plugin is the same procedure. LoxBerry recognizes it your installation is an update.

To start the installation, you have to enter the SecurePIN.

Installed plugins

Every installed plugin is listed with it's version number, it's installation logfile and an uninstall button to remove the plugin. Some additional options may be displayed, depending of the plugin functionality:

Automatic Updates

Off to disable, Notify only to get notifications on new version, or Release/Pre- and Release to automatically install new versions.

Details about automatic plugin updates.


If an Update button is visible, a new version is ready to install. Pushing the button applies the update url to the install url on top.

Logging Level

If the plugin offers user-defined logging levels, you can change the loglevel of the plugin here.

Further information